Do you have an idea for a film? Do you need help with production? Are you looking for funding? Perhaps your project is completed and you need funding.  If you answered, “Yes”, to any of these questions, we can help – AND WE’VE DONE IT BEFORE!




Our latest release was in 2015-2016, with, “More Money More Family”. View the TRAILER.  We have assisted companies with getting there projects to the “Big Screen” and worked to get additional distribution through NETFLIX, REDBOX, OPENVISION and other streaming companies.  We are always looking for content and can help you each step of the way with our vast network of companies.  We can also assist you with securing talent and funding.  Project can range from $100K to $50M.   Let’s have a conversation! Visit our Contact Us page and let see what we can do to get your project to the next level!